These workshops give children, born or raised in Belgium, the opportunity to learn Turkish or improve their Turkish by means of various educational activities.

In these workshops, we use “Meraklı Minik and Bilim Çocuk” periodicals to introduce children the world of science through Turkish. By doing so, we aim to support children’S Turkish language development.
As we would like to empower children as balanced Turkish-Dutch bilinguals, we do some socio-cultural activities to teach Turkish proverbs and idioms in the workshops as well. In this project, we collaborate with the Yunus Emre Institute in Brussels.

Specific goals of the project:
1. to help Turkish-Dutch bilingual children develop their Turkish language skills and to
support children’s Turkish literacy skills
2. to raise awareness about Turkish proverbs and idioms
3. to promote the use of proverbs and idioms in the daily use of the Turkish language
regarding all language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing)
4. to draw attention on the differences and similarities between Flemish and/or French
proverbs and idioms

Target audience
a) Pre-school children
b) Primary school students

Project coordinator: Şener Uğurlu


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